About us


ChildONEurope pursues the following aims:

  • exchanging knowledge and information on laws, policies, programmes, statistics, studies, research and best practice regarding childhood and adolescence;
  • supporting the development of measures and actions to promote the rights and well-being of the child as defined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the other international standards in force;
  • undertaking surveys, studies and research on specific issues related to childhood mainly through a multidisciplinary and comparative approach;
  • disseminating research findings among the partners of the Network and other national and international organizations involved in childhood issues;
  • identifying, sharing and promoting good practice from the results achieved through the work of comparison and analysis also in support of the reflection on national and European policies;
  • developing and exchanging knowledge on indicators and methodologies in order to obtain the comparability of data and information;
  • organizing conferences, seminars and mutual training to share experience also with the aim of using minimum common tools for data and information collection.

ChildONEurope is a member of the European Forum on the Rights of the Child, a permanent group established by the European Commission following the adoption on 4 July 2006 of the Communication "Towards an EU strategy on the Rights of the Child". Its aim is to promote children's rights in internal and external action, by advising and assisting the Commission and other European Institutions, in particular as regards mainstreaming children's rights, the exchange of information and good practice.