Seminar on child participation

The Seminar "Towards a culture of child participation", addressing the participation of children in daily life, was organized by the ChildONEurope Working Group on Child Participation and by the Secretariat and took place in January 2008 at the Istituto degli Innocenti. The seminar was addressed to Government representatives from EU States, members of international governmental and non-governmental organizations and academics.
By mixing plenary and working group sessions, the seminar succeeded in introducing a discussion on the meaning of children's participation today in Europe and presented some selected experiences of successful projects on child participation, regarding different contexts (family, school and culture/leisure/sport/local community life).
Following the seminar, a working group on child participation was constituted inside ChildONEurope putting together some experts from EU countries belonging to the Network, with the objective of gaining in-depth knowledge on European legislations and best practices concerning child participation.