Seminar on Child Well-Being Indicators


The European Seminar on Child Well-Being Indicators, held on 29th January 2009 at the Istituto degli Innocenti in Florence, was organized by ChildONEurope in the context of its activities aimed at favouring the exchange of knowledge and information on one of the most currently debated issues in the field of childhood research
It succeeded in gathering the most important experts on well-being indicators at the international level, giving to all participants a clear overview of the major issues at stake. It also put together some of the most relevant national experiences with regard to the data collection and analysis on children's well-being in Europe.
Since ChildONEurope is a network whose research and analysis activity is policy making oriented, the approach of the seminar was focused on the impact of child well-being indicators on childhood policies. In particular, this was the subject at the centre of the final round table discussion.

The proceedings of the Seminar are being collected in an upcoming publication that will be issued in the ChildONEurope series.


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