Survey on the CRC Committee's concluding observations on the last EU Countries' reports

On the occasion of its Semester of EU Presidency (January - June 2006), the Federal Republic of Austria decided to hold a L'Europe de l'Enfance meeting on the 2nd of May 2006 in Vienna. For this event, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Security, Generations and Consumer Protection entrusted the ChildONEurope Secretariat with the mandate of carrying out a survey on the concluding observations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child (Committee) on the last national reports discussed by the 25 EU Member Countries, 2 EU Accession Countries (Bulgaria and Romania), and 2 Candidate Countries (Croatia and Turkey).
The overall objective of this survey was to support the discussion about mainstream children's rights in the policies implemented at the national level within the EU Member Countries on the basis of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). In this framework, the aim of the comparative analysis of the 25+4 Concluding observations was to identify the issues most frequently examined by the Committee, the points of strength and of weakness of the CRC implementation in the EU Countries' policies. In brief, this survey was directed, on the one hand, at sharing best practices on the identified points of strength and, on the other, at pointing out the issues on which the EU Countries can improve their intervention policies.
The key part of the survey is the analysis on the Committee's concluding observations, in which the attention is focused on the positive achievements, the Committee's concerns and the recommendations on the most frequent specific issues taken into consideration by the Committee and followed by an explanation of its approach to the issue addressed.
Finally, the survey contains also a number of relevant annexed documents, in particular it is important to mention the Concluding observations addressed to the 25 EU Member Countries and 4 Accession /Candidate Countries divided by each issue analyzed by the Committee and the General Comments of the Committee that are fundamental to understand the interpretation given by the Committee of the concepts and principles contained in the CRC.


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