Children's legal representation

The issue of children's legal representation seems to receive increasing attention, in particular because its implications are becoming day by day a source of growing concern for the national and international community.
The mandate of carrying out the survey on "National Systems of Children's Legal Representation" was given to ChildONEurope by the Slovenian Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, on the occasion of the Czech Semester of the EU Presidency (1st January to 30th June 2008).
The Secretariat carried out a comparative review mainly analyzing and comparing the national experiences and practices on children's legal representation undertaken at the national level by Governments in some EU Countries selected by the Slovenian Ministry: Austria, Germany, Ireland and Italy. As well as sharing positive experiences, the research aims at pointing out the issues on which EU Countries could improve their policies of intervention on child advocacy implementing the CRC principles. In particular two articles of the CRC are relevant to the issue of children's legal representation: article 3 on the best interest of the child and article 12 on respect for the view of the child, the right to be heard and child participation.


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Adolescents' participation – Evaluation tools
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This document originates from the need to investigate a specific dimension of participation: its evaluation. The discussion in the ChildONEurope working group highlighted that the aspect that is most often overlooked or insufficiently analysed in its practical implications is evaluation. Therefore this document aims to bring a contribution in relation to both the legal and practical dimension of child participation evaluation with a particular enphasis on adolescents' participation.