The ChildONEurope series has been created to give added value and promote the dissemination at EU level among the community of researchers, national observatories, international governmental and non- governmental organizations as well as ministries, of some research considered to be of particular importance.

The first research to be published in June 2009 was the "Guidelines on Data Collection and Monitoring Systems on Child Abuse", a work representing the product of years of research in the field by the ChildONEurope working group on child abuse.

All the publications are also available in pdf format and some may include a CD-ROM with additional contents.

The ChildONEurope series includes, so far:

  • Survey on the CRC Committee Concluding Observations on the last EU Countries’reports - Series 9 pdf file download
  • Public policies supporting positive parenthood: new policy perspectives - Series 8 pdf file download
  • Alternative forms of care for children without adequate family support: sharing good practices and positive experience - Series 7pdf file download (November 2013)
  • Complementarities and synergies between juvenile justice and social services sector pdf filedownload (May 2013)
  • National experiences on the management of the demand for intercountry adoption pdf filedownload (September 2012)
  • “The impact of the Economic Crisis on Children: Lessons from the past experiences and future policies” pdf file download(April 2012)
  • Early Childhood Education and Care Services in the European Union Countries - Proceedings of the ChildONEurope Seminar and integrated review pdf filedownload (November 2010)
  • The on-going debate on the assessment of children's conditions of life pdf file download (Décembre 2009)
  • Guidelines on Data Collection and Monitoring Systems on Child Abuse pdf filedownload(June 2009)