Seminar Unaccompanied Foreign Children

The Seminar on "Unaccompanied Foreign Children: best practices in national policies and programmes on welcome, integration and family reunification" was organized by the Secretariat of the European Network of National Observatories on Childhood and was held on 4th December 2003 in Florence at the Istituto degli Innocenti. Its aim was to analyze and compare the laws, policies, programmes and data on unaccompanied foreign children seeking and not seeking asylum in the countries of the European Union.
The participants included experts and representatives of Ministries competent for childhood from international governmental organizations (i.e. Unicef, International Organization for Migrations) and non-governmental organizations (i.e. Separated Children in Europe Programme, Save the Children).
The Seminar was divided into different phases and covered various areas: comparison of national laws and policies of EU countries, with a focus on the definition of unaccompanied children, EU Member States' national laws and policies on trafficked unaccompanied foreign children.
Best practices on national policies of welcome, integration and family reunification were also presented and the same themes were the subject of the three working groups in the second session of the Seminar.