Powers and Procedures

ChildONEurope is made up of an Assembly and a Secretariat. The Assembly comprises the institutions appointed by the Network Member States. It is the Network's decision-making body. In the Assembly the institution nominated by EU States that are not Network members are admitted in the capacity of Associated Members.
Every two years the Assembly elects a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson who have the task of chairing it. They represent the Network together with the Secretariat and in close consultation with it they prepare the Agenda of every Assembly.
The Assembly may set up scientific working groups in connection with the themes under study by the Network.

The Secretariat has a role enabling it to make proposals regarding the themes to be chosen for analysis by the Network. Through its staff it also has support functions in the following areas:

  • Scientific coordination: promoting comparative studies, research and the collection and analysis of best practices.
  • Documentation: drafting of comparative researches and studies and international bibliographies on specific topics by request of the Network Members, with the support of the Biblioteca Innocenti Library, publishing the results of studies and research.
  • Communication: assuring the exchange of information among the Network Members and promoting co-operation among them. Managing the communication flow with external agents, favouring co-operation between ChildONEurope and other IGOs and NGOs.
  • Web management: managing and regular updating of the ChildONEurope website.

In particular for what concerns the elaboration of the researches and studies the Secretariat works in collaboration with international and national experts selected on the basis of the subject to be addressed. Referring to the scientific publications produced until now those experts are all mentioned in the related products.

Through its Secretariat, ChildONEurope may, on the invitation of the State holding the EU Presidency, participate in the L'Europe de l'Enfance meetings to report on the activities accomplished. It may also take into consideration the suggestions for possible topics emerging from L'Europe de l'Enfance meetings.

The Secretariat's functions have been assigned to the Italian National Childhood and Adolescence Documentation and Analysis Centre ( whose activities are managed by the Istituto degli Innocenti of Florence in agreement with the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies and with the Department of Family Policies.