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EU Presidency Conference on Early Childhood Education and Care
“Excellence and Equity in Early Childhood Education and Care”

Danubius Hotel Helia, Budapest (Hungary)

21 - 22 February 2011

The Conference, organized by the Hungarian Ministry for National Resources in close cooperation with the European Commission, aims to call for European cooperation in improving equitable access to high quality early childhood education and care and promoting solutions in issues of common concern, especially in breaking the cycle of disadvantage and enhancing lifelong learning.

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European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) Stakeholders Meeting

Stakeholders Meeting “Applying FRA’s indicators on the rights of the child: policy priorities for data collection”

FRA Headquarters, Vienna (Austria) - 22 -23 February 2011

This two-days Meeting, organized by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), is addressed to its Stakeholders and aims to focus the issue of the application of FRA’s indicators on the rights of the child and the relevance of policy priorities for data collection.
After an introduction to FRA’s work in the area of the rights of the child, the session will go on with an analysis of the European work on this issue and the relevance of indicators, after which it will be proposed a Working Group on “Indicators and the protection of children victims of exploitation and
violence”: the discussion will focus on the policy priorities and data needs regarding the protection of children against exploitation and violence.
The second day will introduce a second theme, that will be investigated through a second Working Group session on “Indicators and the protection needs of specific groups of vulnerable children (e.g. separated children, missing children, trafficked children)”.

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 Draft Agenda (pdf)


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International Symposium

Domestic Violence – “Zero Tolerance - Towards a Comprehensive EU-Wide Strategy”

Silken Hotel, Brussels - Belgium - 03 March 2011

Domestic violence against women remains an alarming phenomenon in the EU. This International Symposium renews the debate on how to work towards an EU-wide strategy on domestic violence. It aims to provide a platform for the discussion of a better European regulatory framework for prevention, protection and prosecution.

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Stakeholder and Expert Conference

LEFT BEHIND - “The impact of economic migration on children left behind and their families”

European Parliament, Brussels - Belgium - 02 March 2011

Together with Italian member Allbero della Vita, Eurochild organizes this International Conference that will address the issue of children left behind in the country of origin when parents move to another European country in search of employment, phenomenon that is still underestimated and often unknown even if it concerns approximately half million children in the EU.
The event will gather experts from across Europe to analyse the situation of transnational families in different European countries and involve representatives of national and local authorities from EU Member States, representatives of national and European NGOs, and academics; it will address the causes and consequences of the migration, in particular the effects on children and their families both in the country of origin where the children are left behind, and in the parents’ country of destination.

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Workshop “Transnational family making: Children, young people and migration”

12th Mediterranean Research Meeting

Florence (Italy), 6 -9 april 2011

The workshop aims at contributing to the advancement of knowledge in five main areas, some more recently emerged, namely: sociology of family, sociology of childhood and youth, migration studies and social policy. It will provide an opportunity to advance the theoretical and comparative discussion with regard to the transnational family making and the place of children and young people in this process. First, it aims to bring visibility to previous silent experiences of families (including children and young people) with a direct or mediated experience of migration. Second, it explores current and potential policy developments in assisting transnational families.

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International Conference

Child Health: ‘Quality in Alternative Care’

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague – Czech Republic 4 - 6 April 2011

This conference, organized by SOS Children’s Villages International, aims at analyzing and comparing the impact of the different care systems for children living in alternative care on their  development and rights.

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“EU funding and assistance programmes of relevance to NGOs from Europe and developing countries working for children and youth at risk”

Fundraising and Project Management Seminar

6th May 2011

Office of Plan Europe, Galerie Ravenstein 27/4, 1000 Brussels - Belgium

In many EU Member States and beyond, the financial crisis led to strong cuts in public and private funding for social NGOs; for this reason EU assistance programmes have gained a considerable importance for child rights NGOs to compensate the losses at the national level. Taking this situation into account, EFSC decided to organise a special EU Fund-raising and Project Management Seminar.
The EU programmes presented during the one-day seminar (Daphne III, Progress, Youth in Action, European Social Fund, ECHO, Investing in People) will be presented by desk officers and administrators for these programmes in the European Commission. Additionally, a high-profile consultant specialized in the EU assistance programmes for social inclusion and children's rights protection will provide those present with a comprehensive introduction into the complex, and give specific advice on drafting successful applications. Thus, the seminar will convey user-friendly and practice-oriented information and help you to acquire the necessary methodological knowledge for the successful mastering of the EU application process. For this purpose, concrete working examples as well as current and up-coming calls for proposals will be presented.

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Final Conference 'Foster Care under the lens - Protecting the rights of children in alternative care'
23rd - 24th May 2011
Eurochild office, Avenue des Arts 1-2, Brussels

Final Conference 'Foster Care under the lens - Protecting the rights of children in alternative care” + Pre-meeting of the Thematic Working Group on Children in Alternative Care

Eurochild and Italian member Amici dei Bambini (AiBi) will launch the results of a project granted by the European Commission during the final conference "Foster care under the lens - Protecting the rights of children in alternative care", which will take place on 24 May 2011 in Brussels.
A technical seminar on the outcomes of the research project will be followed by a round table debate at the European Parliament, hosted by the EPP Group and chaired by MEP Sidonia Jędrzejewska. Prior to the conference, Eurochild members are invited to attend a meeting of the Thematic Working Group on Children in Alternative Care which will take place in the afternoon of 23rd May at Eurochild office.

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Children’s Well-Being: the Research and Policy Challenges
3rd International Conference of the International Society For Child Indicators

Children’s Well-Being: the Research and Policy Challenges

University of York (United Kingdom), 27 - 29th July 2011

This three-day conference will be the third organised by the International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI), an international group of experts, practitioners and researchers in the field worldwide.
The theme of the third conference is "Children's Well-Being: The Research & Policy Challenges" and will take place at the University of York.

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ISCI York Conference Call for Abstracts (pdf)

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“Tackling Obesity in Early Childhood: Prevention, Prevention, Prevention - A Public Policy Exchange Symposium”

6 September 2011, The Silken Berlaymont Hotel, Brussels - Belgium

Obesity has reached epidemic levels in recent years. Currently, the average obesity rate in the European Union is 15.5%, and even more alarmingly, the prevalence of overweight children was estimated at 30% in 2006. Since it is difficult to reduce excessive weigh t once it become s established , the general consensus amongst researchers is that prevention could be the key strategy for controlling the current epidemic of obesity, and therefore, the focus needs to shift towards children and early intervention strategies.
This timely International Symposium reignites the debate on how to work towards an effective EU-wide action plan on tackling obesity in children. With a central theme of prevention and early intervention, the symposium not only focuses on the unaddressed very early years of a child’s life but will also highlight the pre-conceptual years and the crucial role played by parents.


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Climate Change: Impacts on Children and on their Rights
Sion – Switzerland
25 - 28 October 2011

In partnership with Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB) and Terre des hommes - child relief, Lausanne, the International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE) organizes a three days seminar on interdisciplinary reflection on the effects of the financial, economic, climatic and energetic crisis, which are more affecting the children of the developing countries. The aim is to analyze the phenomena of access to water, food, energy, and climate change, in order to outline solutions and practices promoting harmonious development for the child, respect for her/his rights, in the universally acknowledged context of sustainable development.
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8th International Conference “Helping Children-Victims of Crime”
Warsaw, Poland
24-25 October 2011

On the occasion of the start of the Polish Presidency in the Council of the European Union, the Nobody’s Children Foundation, the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Social Policy of Warsaw’s City Hall organize this conference focused on violence and abuse on children. The working sessions will discuss how helping children exposed to violence and abuse, as well as protecting the rights of children involved in legal proceedings. Domestic and international experts will speak about model solutions for preventing crimes against children; they will also discuss projects and initiatives offering practical assistance to children-victims of crime and their families.
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Children's Rights for All - Final conference and call for video
Brussels, Belgium
20-21 October 2011

At this Final Conference, 23 national reports assessing the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child from the perspective of children with intellectual disabilities will be launched, together with the European Comparative Report and Policy Recommendations at national and European level to ensure better protection of the rights of children with intellectual disabilities throughout Europe. The conference will be attended by Representatives from disability and children’s rights organizations, as well as representatives the European institutions and other relevant European and international stakeholders.
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Seminar “The handling of complaints on fundamental rights”
6th October 2011
European Parliament (Room PHS 3C50), Brussels - Belgium

Since the Lisbon Treaty and the Charter on Fundamental Rights came into force almost two years ago, the European Parliament and the Commission have dealt with many petitions and complaints regarding the application of the Charter. However, the Charter does not apply in all circumstances in which a violation of fundamental rights in Member States is alleged. There is a risk that citizens' perception of the scope of application of the Charter turns into disenchantment with the European Union itself. It is therefore important that people who consider that their fundamental rights are being undermined have access to practical information on the judicial and non-judicial remedies open to them at EU and Member State level.
This seminar, organised jointly by the Commission and the European Parliament's Petitions Committee, will explore how complaints on fundamental rights are handled at EU and Member State level; it will identify best practices in this field and look at ways to improve cooperation between responsible authorities and institutions, at EU and the national level.


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30th November - 2nd December 2011, Cardiff, Wales – UK
"Tackling child poverty through supporting and strengthening families"
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Cities for Active Inclusion - Annual Conference
Brussels, Belgium
29 November 2011

Eight major European cities organized in September - October national workshops on active inclusion of young people, presenting their main research findings and promoting the exchange of knowledge between national stakeholders. As part of Cities for Active Inclusion's series of national workshops they hold this major dissemination event, sharing their main research findings with representatives from the EU institutions.
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Children and Rights in the Global South
Liège, Belgium
25 November 2011

This workshop focused on Children Rights in Southern societies aims at improving our understanding on children, their rights and the effects of these rights in Southern societies. Beyond a dichotomy between local processes and global dynamics, this workshop aims at studying the way by which they influence each other by interlacing different professional point of view, experiences and observations. On the basis of field experiences and research, stakeholders, social sciences researchers and jurists will discuss on the way in which children rights are currently shaping childhood and children in Southern societies.

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6th European Forum on the Rights of the Child
Brussels, Belgium
23 November 2011

The 6th European Forum on the Rights of the Child will be focused on child-friendly policies in the context of juvenile justice. Organized by the European Commission, the aim of the meeting is to contribute to the preparation of the Pilot Project, supported by the European Parliament, on Europe-wide methodologies for developing evidences based policies for children’s rights. In order to overcome the lack of reliable, comparable and official data regarding children, the participants will exchange views on the situation of children involved in the justice system, existing best practices on collecting data in this area, and the best way to improve them. As always, the conference gathers key actors from European Institutions, EU Member States, Ombudspersons for children, international organisations and NGOs.

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Building a child-friendly Europe: Turning a vision into reality - Conference on the Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child 2012-2015
Principality of Monaco
20-21 November 2011

Five years after the launching of the programme “Building a Europe for and with children”, Council of Europe and its partners want to assess the progress achieved. Despite many good results, such as the improvement of children’s rights’ protection, effective actions to combat all forms of violence against children and the attention at children’s participation, many challenges remain, while new threats to children’s rights have emerged. The meeting aims to discuss the priority axes of the new Council of Europe strategy on the rights of the child, which the Council of Europe is currently preparing for the years 2012-2015.
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Deprivation of children’s liberty as the last resort - A Global Conference on Child Justice in Africa
Munyonyo, Kampala - Uganda
7-8 November 2011

The Kampala Global Conference on Child Justice is aimed at bringing together justice actors globally and mobilising effective follow-up actions of national and international legislation policies and practices, with regard to implementing child friendly justice systems in Africa. The conference will draw lessons from Europe, Latin America and Asia and foster learning for Africa.
Defence for Children International and African Child Policy Forum believe that there is an urgent need to develop new tools to help African States to adapt their justice systems to the situation of children, to implement existing standards as well as adapt procedures that exist elsewhere
A global conference aimed at contributing to the improvement of laws, policies, systems and procedures in the child justice system in Africa, through the development of specific guidelines as will be drawn in a follow up programme by DCI and ACPF.

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Round table event
16 th December in London, England

The round table event is aimed at defining objectives and work programmes for the development of ‘Our Voices’, a network of projects in Europe, who employ participatory methods to support children affected by sexual violence.
‘Our Voices’ Project intends to build a European network to encourage and enable communication between projects working in a participatory way with children who have experienced sexual violence and to create a European forum so that children’s experiences of sexual violence are communicated and shared.
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EU funding and assistance and programmes of relevance to NGOs from Europe and developing countries working for children and youth at risk in Brussels. Fundraising and Project Management Seminar
Brussels, Belgium
December 7th 2011

Given the good outcomes of the seminar on funding and assistance programmes held in last May, the European Federation for Street Children (EFSC) has organized another seminar in which also will be more technical aspects. EU Funding and Assistance Programmes will be presented by direct representatives of the European Commission, more specifically of the children and youth relevant programmes presented at the seminar. In many EU Member States and beyond, the financial crisis led to strong cuts in public and private funding for social NGOs. For this reason EU assistance programmes have gained a considerable importance for NGOs to compensate the losses at the national level.

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"Tackling child poverty through supporting and strengthening families"
30th November - 2nd December 2011
Cardiff, Wales - UK

Eurochild 8th Annual Conference

Child poverty prevents children and young people from achieving their full potential and autonomy, and affects their health, their personal development, their education and their general well-being.
This conference has five overarching objectives:

  • (1) share 'inspiring practice' from across the UK and Europe in integrated family support services;
  • (2) gain knowledge and understanding on how family support impacts on children’s well-being and outcomes and is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child;
  • (3) ensure the voices of children and parents who have benefited from support services are heard and listened to;
  • (4) strengthen collaboration and exchange among policy makers, practitioners and researchers in children’s rights and well-being across Europe and
  • (5) provide inputs to EU policy debates on fighting child poverty, promoting children’s rights and well-being, and on supporting and strengthening families.

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