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26th Annual San Diego Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment
January 23-26, 2012

The San Diego Conference focuses on multi-disciplinary best-practice efforts to prevent, if possible, or otherwise to investigate, treat, and prosecute child and family maltreatment.
The objective of the San Diego Conference is to develop and enhance professional skills and knowledge in the prevention, recognition, assessment and treatment of all forms of maltreatment including those related to family violence as well as to enhance investigative and legal skills. Issues concerning support for families, prevention, leadership, policy making and translating the latest research into action are also addressed.

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"Preventing Child Exploitation and Abuse: Working with Children and Families Affected and Displaced by Disasters"
JANUARY 22, 2012

Children’s safety is seriously compromised in the areas affected by disasters (wars, earthquakes, floods, tsunami, hurricanes) and they are particularly subjected to abuses and exploitation. During the event, the speakers will have the opportunity to share and debate the child protection challenges experienced during times of disaster.
The Institute will provide a participatory forum with the purpose of sharing experiences, discussing about principles and guidelines on the management of child protection issues during natural and man-made disasters and improving local protection practices.

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International Public Policy Exchange Symposium “Raising Awareness of Children as Hidden Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse in Europe”

28 February 2012
Brussels, Belgium
Every year, hundreds of millions of children are exposed to domestic violence at home, and this has a profound impact on their lives and hopes for the future. Children are either victims of witnessing violence or are directly affected and abused. Although the consequences of violence for children may vary according to its nature and severity, the short and long-term repercussions are in most cases grave and damaging. This timely International Symposium will analyse the existing challenges in shaping comprehensive and holistic strategies and toolkits for assessing, preventing and protecting cases of violence and abuse towards children in a domestic environment.
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“Learning for Well-being: A Policy Priority for Children and Youth in Europe”

February 27, 2012

Eurochild is organising together with the Learning for Well-being Consortium of Foundations in Europe, the European Foundation Centre and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation a full day conference to launch the policy glossary ‘Learning for Well-being; A Policy Priority for Children and Youth in Europe. A Movement for Change.’
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3rd "Safe Belarus for Children" International Conference

February 16-17, 2012
Minsk Belarus

The conference will be dedicated to Policy Formulation in Child Protection from Violence and Abuse.
During these three days the international experts and the representatives of non-governmental organizations, regional interdisciplinary teams, the Commission on juvenile delinquency, the Investigation Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the psychologists and other professionals, the university professors and journalists, the representatives of the government and public administration will discuss the promotion of the child protection system in the Republic of Belarus by improving the partnership between the state and the civil society.
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Seminar on combating child pornography on the Internet
13 - 14 february 2012
Copenhagen - Denmark

Hosting the seminar, the Danish EU Presidency takes a new appoach to combating sexual exploitation of children on the internet by putting together the investigators and prosecutors dealing with these cases on an everyday basis.
The seminar will amongst others take it's starting point in a fictitious case, in order for information to be exchanged on the member states requirements and Union based possibilities during a Joint Investigation, and to raise awareness on the need for interaction between different member states investigators and prosecutors from the initial suspicion to the final prosecution.
The seminar will be attended by experts from police and prosecution services of the Member States, the Commission and other relevant institutions. For more information PDF file (352 Kb)

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“Towards Common Ground: Philosophical Approaches to Children's Literature”
30 March – 1 April
Cambridge–Homerton Research and Teaching Centre for Children’s Literature

The conference is an annual event which attracts delegates from all over the world, offering a unique opportunity for postgraduate students to meet, present and discuss their research in company with established scholars. The Child and the Book 2012 aims to examine the foundations of children’s literature criticism. Taking a philosophical approach, the purpose of the conference is to find some common ground among the increasingly scattered areas of research, to think about definitions, and to work towards a more coherent framework.
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The Global Summit on Childhood
March 28-31, 2012
Washington, D.C., USA
The conference will be held in Washington, DC and it will be presented by the Association for Childhood Education International.
The Global Summit is aimed at providing a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue about the experience of childhood, exploring the current state of childhood, from international, cross-cultural, and cross-disciplinary perspectives and considering best policies and practices to promote the opportunities that support a positive childhood experience.
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Bringing the Charter to life – FRA/Danish Presidency seminar
March 15 - 16 2012
The FRA, together with the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will organise a seminar on the practical application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. This seminar will seek to explore the challenges and opportunities of applying the Charter in practice, both at EU and national level, with a view to identifying promising practices and finding ways to improve cooperation between responsible authorities, European and national institutions, and civil society.
Key European and international stakeholders and experts will be invited to present and to share their approaches and perspectives on putting the Charter into practice to ensure a fruitful and constructive debate on this important issue.
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 Draft Agenda (pdf)

3rd EFCAP Congress Young Offenders and Victims – Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults
March 7-9 2012
The main theme of the congress reflects a broad discussion, held world wide, on traumatic influences and transgenerational cycles of violence. At the same time it focuses more on studies and expertises on young victims. In Germany during the last year a public debate on child sexual abuse in educational institutions and in many other fields has started and sexual violence among adolescents is one of the highly debated topics.
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International conference: 'Diverse Talents for the Future of Europe'
March 5-6 2012
Brussels, Belgium
This international conference looks at what civil society organizations have to do in order to improve education and social cohesion in multicultural European societies.
The aim of this conference is to discuss different experiences with educational policies and systems in order to highlight the civil initiatives and to investigate the institutional arrangements that deal with diversity in education and labour market.
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"International Conference on Global Issues of Early Childhood Education and Children's Rights"
April 27-28-29 2012
Zirve University's School of Education and School of Law

The purpose of this conference is to encourage and facilitate scholarly collaboration on these important issues, and to educate the audience in order to enhance the well-being of children globally. Day-care administrators, preschool teachers, early childhood education researchers, parents, lawmakers, pedagogs, psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, deputies who consider and label problems in regards to children, any person who has contact with a child is welcome to this conference.
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Tackling Childhood Obesity in Europe: Comparative Perspectives on Prevention and Policy Implementation
April 3 2012
According to the European Commission, some 22 million children in the EU are considered overweight or obese, with the numbers growing by 400,000 per year. Governments across the EU have declared childhood obesity as one of Europe’s most pressing public health challenges. Obesity increases the risk of a person developing serious illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and strokes. This timely international symposium offers an invaluable opportunity to consider the progress made in tackling childhood obesity and will support the exchange of ideas and encourage delegates to engage in thought-provoking topical debate.
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First International Conference on Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities - Youth Employment: Challenges and Opportunities
24 May 2012
Timisoara, Timis county, Western Region, Romania
The Conference, organized by the Department of Social Work: Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara, aims at providing an international forum for researchers, academics and practitioners from various countries to share and disseminate their knowledge and expertise in enhancing employment opportunities for youth. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and promoting at an international level functional methodologies and efficient solutions that can be adapted to different cultural contexts and applied to a variety of situations. Also, within the Conference sections, special attention will be granted to employment of young vulnerable groups (roma young people, youngsters that have left the placement centers, young people with disabilities etc.)
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“Exploring Childhood Studies in the Global South: Africa in Focus”
May 16, 2012,
The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

Over the last 20 years childhood studies has grown significantly, especially within Europe and North America. However, although a number of theoretical and methodological publications have been produced situated within this field, very few of these studies focus on childhood in the global south. Instead, the majority of studies that focus on the global south have been empirical, often situated within theoretical frameworks that have been developed in the global North.
The workshop will seek to initiate discussion around questions such as:
• What are the key theoretical and methodological issues for childhood researchers focusing on Africa?
• How, if at all, do theoretical, methodological and ethical issues relating to childhood research in the North transfer to various contexts in the Global South with a particular focus on Africa?
• What are the overlaps between issues focused on in the North and the South and how can these be utilized to better represent priorities in the Global South within childhood studies?
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Young People and Sexual Health: Integrating and Implementing the European Knowledge
15th May 2012

Sexual health and sexually transmitted infections remain a significant public health problem in Europe, with untreated STIs potentially leading to serious short and long term consequences for individuals. The late 1980s and early 1990s saw a decrease in the rate of STIs, however, this is once again on the rise. This rise is particularly visible through outbreaks of Syphilis and Lymphogranuloma Venereum in several European countries, with Chlamydia being the widest spread. Additionally, since the late 1980s HIV and AIDS have been a major health concern and a high priority for the EU. As the numbers of newly diagnosed HIV infections have increased in many EU Member States and in their Eastern European neighbours over the last two years, the measures already being taken need to be reinforced urgently.
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7th Nordic Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Bergen, Norway 14th - 16th of May 2012
Child abuse and neglect in a cross-cultural perspective: Possibilities and challenges
14th – 16th of May, 2012
Bergen, Norway

The theme of the congress reflects the fact that Nordic societies today have become a tapestry woven from a diversity of cultures. What possibilities and challenges does that provide us with regard to the disclosure, investigation, treatment, research and prevention of child abuse and neglect? How can we support children from all cultural backgrounds who are exposed to abuse and neglect and ensure them a safe childhood?
The NASPCAN Congress is a Nordic event for professionals, policy makers, academics and researchers. During the three days of Congress a large number of presentations will be delivered to an audience of professionals from a broad range of disciplines and nationalities.
The event is organized by the Nordic Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect in cooperation with Resource Centre on Violence, Traumatic Stress and Suicide Prevetion, Bergen Children’s Advocacy Centre, and the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS).
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4ème colloque international: Harcèlement entre pairs: Agir dans les tranchées de l'école
3 et 4 mai 2012
Sion - Suisse

Le harcèlement entre pairs à l’école est la traduction consacrée de l’expression anglo-saxonne school bullying. Ce colloque 2012 aura pour objectifs prioritaires d’examiner dans une perspective appliquée et théorique le phénomène du harcèlement à l’école tant sous un angle interdisciplinaire large, tant au niveau des intervenants internationaux que du public cible visé. Il vise également à identifier et comparer des programmes de prévention fondés sur une scientificité evidence-based et à analyser l’harcèlement à l’école du point de vue de la violation des droits de l’enfant ainsi qu’à envisager les réponses légales appropriées. Enfin, ces deux journées de réflexion permettront de repenser l’école comme zone protégée (safe haven) et mettre en œuvre l’action publique nécessaire.
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8th Global Conference “Creative Engagements Thinking with Children”
29th June 2012 –1st July 2012
Mansfield College, Oxford
The eighth meeting is aimed at investigating the concept of ‘engagement’ within the framework of ‘creativity’. Some of the broader areas of reference have been, and continue to be historical and contemporary representations of childhood, the complex issues surrounding the notion and practices of creative engagement in the context of pedagogy. More generally, this project will also address the role of creativity in social interaction, with particular reference to children’s development of life skills, autonomy and independence in an increasingly complex and demanding world.
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“International Conference: A Child's World - Working Together for a Better Future”

27-29th June 2012.
Aberystwyth University, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK

The conference has been devised to frame new concepts in collaborative practice in childhood studies against social, legislative and organisational changes within an international strategic dimension.
In line with embedding Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC), raising standards, promoting pupil participation and developing effective leadership and management, collaborative working is a vital tool in creating effective policy and shared practice.
Focused primarily at an educational research and professional audience, the findings will be relevant across a range of disciplines, including governmental policy formulation, social care and operational delivery of public services. The wide ranging scope of the conference will be highly applicable for national, regional and local government, education professionals and of direct interest to the general public.
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“To Be Young!” Youth and the future

June 6-8, 2012
Turku, Finland

The aim of the conference is to perceive and create futures through the eyes of today’s youth, adults and decision makers for the young people of the future. The course of a youth’s life, both today and toward the future, covers an entire spectrum of reality. Focusing on faith in young people, their ability and determination to build an inevitably different and in many ways an improved world for us all to live in is the focal point of this conference. The conference is organized in association with the Finland Futures Academy and the Finnish Youth Research Network. The “To Be Young” conference marks Finland Futures Research Centre’s 14th Annual International Conference and its 20th Anniversary celebrating twenty years of quality academic research.
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First Nordic Conference on Childhood Anxiety Disorders

June 1, 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark,

Children suffering from anxiety disorders have been overlooked in the Nordic countries and therefore go unrecognised and untreated. Research has shown that anxiety is the most common psychiatric disorder in childhood. Valid assessment tools for identifying specific anxiety disorders in children are available. Correct identification is required to guide effective treatment. Cognitive behaviour therapy has proven to be cost-effective. Left untreated, anxiety disorders put these children at risk for negative long-term consequences.

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8th Global Conference “Creative Engagements Thinking with Children”
29th June 2012 –1st July 2012
Mansfield College, Oxford
The eighth meeting is aimed at investigating the concept of ‘engagement’ within the framework of ‘creativity’. Some of the broader areas of reference have been, and continue to be historical and contemporary representations of childhood, the complex issues surrounding the notion and practices of creative engagement in the context of pedagogy. More generally, this project will also address the role of creativity in social interaction, with particular reference to children’s development of life skills, autonomy and independence in an increasingly complex and demanding world.
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The 20th World IACAPAP Congress ‘Brain, Mind and Development’
July 21st - 25th 2012
The theme chosen for the 20th World Congress of the IACAPAP, is an invitation to explore the consequences entailed by the advances made by the neurosciences in understanding the functioning of the mind and in treating its disorders. The past few decades have seen significant developments in how we conceive of the interactions between our biological background and the environment. We no longer think in terms of a direct and linear causality between a gene and a given disorder, nor in terms of innate and acquired. Account is taken of the genomic material and the environment as a whole, and, in the case of psychopathological disorders, a distinction is drawn between several kinds of factors : risk, prognostic, protective and those that maintain the pathological condition.
Accordingly, as regards major psychopathological disorders, sharing clinical experience from many different countries will undoubtedly be one of the significant objectives of this Congress.
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7th International Conference on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
16th - 18th July 2012
University of Roehampton's Whitelands College

The goal of this interdisciplinary conference is to present and discuss the state-of-the-art information on various aspects of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology.
The conference will be of interest to those who are doing research with young people and to those working within child and adolescent mental health, education, social work and youth justice systems.
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Second international multidisciplinary conference Children and War: Past and Present
10-12 July 2013
Salzburg, Austria

Organized by the University of Salzburg and the University of Wolverhampton, in association with the United Nations Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict. Specific conference themes anticipated are: Children as victims, witnesses and participants in armed conflict, holocaust, genocide and forced labour, deportation and displacement, refugees and asylum seekers, war crimes, trials and human rights. A special focus will be on the ‘Changing nature of armed conflict and its impact on children’. In the past two decades, UN reports noted that the character and tactics of armed conflict are changing, creating new and unprecedented threats to children.
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“Celebrating Childhood Diversity”
July 9, 2012 - July 11, 2012,
University of Sheffield, UK

The conference focuses on the theme of diversity in the lives of children and young people and possible areas of interest include children's and young people's diverse and cultural worlds, understanding identity and difference, structures and institutions as indices of childhood diversity, methodological innovations in childhood research, theorising similarity and difference.
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2nd Global Conference “Childhood a persons project”
7th July 2012 –9th July 2012
Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom
This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference project seeks to investigate and explore all aspects of childhood. The period of life prior to adulthood is one of dramatic change and development of physical, intellectual, psychological, and many other types of characteristics. The nature of childhood and its significance as a separate phase of life, however, is viewed quite differently in different cultures and in different historical eras. This conference will look at all aspects of the experience of childhood as well as the social and cultural perceptions of children and childhood.
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6th international Conference & Trade Show
26-28 September 2012
The Westin Zagreb, Croatia

The aim of the conference is to involve children in the economic and social life of the city in order that they could become a part of it.
The 6th edition of CHILD IN THE CITY will concentrate on the themes of health (to be understood in the broader sense of physical, mental and social health), play, children’s rights and intergenerational development.
This edition will include an international conference on sharing of good practices on
child friendly cities, a trade show on child friendly environments and various networking activities
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6th ESFR (European Society on Family Relations) Congress “Families in a Changing Europe: Challenges, Conflicts and Interventions”
26,- 29 September 2012, Lillehammer, Norway

The objective of the conference is to present innovative research on family relations and facilitate the exchange of today's knowledge and current ideas in the vast and still-expanding area of research on family relations.
The topic of the conference includes perspectives from different branches of psychology and sociology, as well as from other disciplines studying this subject. The conference will highlight the latest research findings and will address topics that are of interest to researchers and those active in different fields of application.
The 6th ESFR Congress will focus on the implications of contemporary social, cultural and economic changes, and the challenges these raise for family relations, family practices and family policy.
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3rd International Congress of Early Childhood Education

12 to 15 September 2012
Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey

The main theme of 3rd International Congress of Early Childhood Education(3rd ICECE) is "Different Approaches to Early Childhood Education and Cross-Cultural Perspectives about Educating Young Children".
The congress is based on the primary principle of respect for diversity and the importance of understanding socio-cultural and individual differences. This congress aims to create a cross-cultural platform for sharing and discussing research findings, expertise and experiences about processes of and best practices in early education in different cultural contexts. The purpose of the congress is to take one step further towards providing high quality education to children, implementing the best practice principles in early childhood education and caring for typically-developing children and children with disabilities in the framework that recognizes the vital role of context, culture, ecology, and educational and economical systems.
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New Family Forms following Family Dissolution: Consequences in/on Postmodern Society

12 to 14 September 2012
Leuven, Belgium

The preceding three decades have been characterized by intertwined transitions in demographic regimes and family structures. These transitions are both cause and consequence of the dramatic increase in family dissolution, and subsequently on new repartnering patterns and processes. The aim of the seminar, Organized by the Committee on Family Research, is to shed light on the specific dimensions of these changes and the mechanisms behind them.
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XIXth ISPCAN International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect

09-12 September 2012
Harbiye Cultural Center and Museum
Istanbul, Turkey

The theme of the congress is “Every Child Matters: Promoting Local, National and International Partnerships for Child Protection”. The congress will focus on the concept of partnership and discover the best ways to integrate human resources to prevent, detect and effectively intervene with child abuse and neglect.
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2nd International Conference of the International Childhood and Youth Research Network
“Children, Young People and Adults: Extending the Conversation”.

5th - 7th of September, 2012.
University of Central Lancashire
Preston Lancashire

The international research conference is aimed at researchers (both new and experienced), policy-makers and practitioners from all around the world.
Linked to the Conference will be an international gathering of children and young people titled “Young Citizens: Different Voices in Global Conversations” focused broadly on citizenship, participation, agency and dialogue. This bringing together of children, young people, and adults will provide a unique and rare opportunity to share ideas and engage in conversation together.
this event will also likely attract a significant number of scholars from all over the globe and provide an opportunity for productive dialogue, networking and collaboration.
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'All Our Children' - 12th International EUSARF Conference
4 to 7 September 2012,
Glasgow, Scotland

"Positive Experiences, Successful Outcomes for Looked After and other Vulnerable Children" is the focus of the 12th conference organized by European Scientific Association for Residential and Foster Care for Children and Adults (EUSARF). This conference aims to bring together researchers and academics, practitioners, managers and policy makers to address issues facing vulnerable children and young people, and their families. In times of global instability and economic volatility there is an added urgency to ensure that professional interventions in the lives of children and young people are timely, effective and child-centred.
Each day of the conference will focus on a different stage of childhood development: infancy and the early years; middle childhood; adolescence and maturity. Within this framework, three overarching themes will be explored: Perspectives of Children and Young People; Organizational Change; Effective Intervention.
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CO-constucting professional learning
15-17 October 2012
Opatia Croatia

ISSA’s annual conferences are organized with the aim to bring together educational professionals from all around the world and provide a forum for dialogue between East and West, as well as between practitioners, NGO representatives, researchers and policy makers. The conference, co-organized by ISSA, DECET and Open Academy Step by Step Croatia, will explore in an interactive manner innovative ways of professional learning that can empower ECEC workers in their search for quality, equity, and respect for diversity. The conference is aimed at practitioners in early years services and primary schools, policymakers and researchers with the purpose to explore questions related to the professionalization of early care and education personnel, through dialogue and a joint professional learning process.


European conference on parenting support “Think Parents!”

10 – 12 October 2012
The Hague

The Netherlands Youth Institute in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam takes the initiative to organize the First European Conference on Parenting Support in partnership with the Council of Europe, Eurochild and many other organizations.
Parenting support is an important and growing domain in professional practice, research and policy all over Europe. Evidence starts to show that parenting support can make a difference and knowledge is made available through research on what works in parenting support. Parenting support concerns practitioners, decision makers and researchers, as well as parents. The conference aims to consider these disciplines together and to discuss how parenting support contributes to better outcomes for children and parents.

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IFCW World Forum 2012 Migration and global scenarios: The Family, childhood and education at the centre of the new challenges of social development

November 26, 2012 - November 29, 2012
Naples, Italy

The IFCW World Forum is an annual leadership forum for organizations operating to promote childhood rights and welfare all over the world. The central theme will be migration with a careful look at the great changes happening in the global scenario. The migration studied during the forum will be that which is linked to great changes in the political structures of less stable countries ,of the dozens of wars being fought in the African and Asian continents and of the many situations where dictatorships, civil war and ethnic conflict make life, the upholding of the most elementary of human rights, a future of dignity and development difficult or unsustainable. Migration will be seen under various perspectives from that of mobility in the job market to that of political asylum, from the trans-national family structure to the condition of unaccompanied minors.
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Fifth IJJO International Conference Criminality or Social Exclusion? Justice for Children in a Divided World
November 5-7 2012
The conference aims to address the reality that, as a result of social and economic polarisation and global financial crises, growing numbers of children, young people and parents are finding themselves located in areas of concentrated social disadvantage on the margins of society where involvement in the criminal justice system might constitute a higher risk.
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4th Global Conference Bullying and the Abuse of Power. From the Playground to International Relations

4th –6th November 2012
Salzburg, Austria
Bullying goes on at every level, often goes on behind closed doors; inside private emails, and in actions that might appear innocuous. It grows out of the ability that many (and perhaps most) people have, to find enjoyment and fulfilment in exerting power over others. It depends for its existence either on a lack of empathy and human feeling, or on the developed ability to suspend empathy. It can ruin lives, and it can end lives. We should not allow ourselves to believe that because it is not open to view, bullying is not present.

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5th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Child and Teen Consumption «Food Consumption, Communication, Life Styles and Fashion»
12-14 December 2012
IULM University MILAN

This conference aims to establish and continue a dialogue between specialists from a variety of academic disciplines in order to explore the phenomenon of children and teens as consumers in today’s society. During the two and a half days research will be presented on the position of children and youth in the consumer society, how children and youth develop their consumer competence and develop as consumers in general. The emphasis is on creating an inter- and multi-disciplinary discussion exploring and articulating ideas from historical, sociological, managerial and other social science perspectives.
The more specific aim of this conference will be to strengthen the interdisciplinary approach of the conference by arranging sessions more thematically, with a particular emphasis on Food, Communication, Life Style and Fashion consumption practices and behaviors involving children, adolescents and parents.

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