What we do

Agenda 2013
Adopted by the Assembly of ChildONEurope of 13 November 2012

The 2013 Agenda includes the following activities:

  • a. Organization and procedures

    ·Convening of two Assembly: (1) one Assembly at ChildONEurope Secretariat headquarter in Florence the 24 May 2013; and (2) the other in conjunction with UE Forum on children’s rights
    ·Organising a Seminar on the issue of ‘Forms of State support to positive parenthood’ to be held in Florence on the 23 May 2013.
    · Working on the incorporation of Romania.

  • a. Surveys

    · Mapping and analysis of the activity of the ChildONEurope Partners

    ·Putting in to practice the start off of the new survey on the subject: ‘Out of home children’

    · New survey on a subject to be identified by the Assembly

  • b. Dissemination
    Disseminating the surveys and publications of the Network, in particular:

    • Child Participation:
      Finalization and disseminating the results of the survey on the child participation
    • CRC Committee Concluding Observations:
      Final and dissemination of the results of the up-dating of the survey on the Concluding Observations of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child
    • National and International Adoption:
      Disseminating the results of the survey on the management of the demand in intercountry adoption
    • ECEC Services:
      Disseminating of the results of the integrated review on ECEC services
    • Child Abuse:
      Disseminating the guidelines on national monitoring and data collection systems on child abuse
    • Child well being indicators
      Disseminating the survey on “The on-going debate on the assessment of children’s conditions of life”
    • Impact of the economic crisis on children
      Disseminating the results of the seminar “The impact of the economic crisis on children: lessons from the past experiences and future policies”
    • Juvenile justice and social services
      Finalization and dissemination of the proceedings of the seminar “Complementarities and synergies between Juvenile Justice and Social Services Sector”

  • c. Communication and promotion
    · Producing and disseminating an updated brochure and CD-Rom of the presentation of the Network
    · Developing a marketing folder highlighting the advantages of the network membership and making this tool available to all members desiring to contribute to the enlargement of ChildONEurope
    · Issuing in the ChildONEurope Series the publication with the gatherings of the Seminar ‘Alternative forms of care for children without adequate family support: sharing good practices and positive experiences’ held the 4th of October 2012
    · Updating the ChildONEurope website
    · Updating of the section dedicated to L’Europe de l’Enfance in the ChildONEurope web site
    · Participation in L’Europe de l’Enfance and Bureau meetings and at Conferences and Seminars organised at European level by other national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations dealing with subjects of interest.
    · Participating in the European Forum on the Rights of the Child meetings and its organizational meetings of the Steering Group.

  • d. Financing

  • Working for the inclusion of the Associated Members in full Members of the Network through the sending at the beginning of every financial year of a letter to the Associated Members.
  • Drafting of an assessment report on the EU possible channels of financial support to be discussed in occasion of the Assembly of May 2013.



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