What we do

Agenda 2004

Organization and procedures

  • Convening of two Assemblies at the headquarter of the ChildONEurope Secretariat in Florence in June and December 2005 or January 2006.
  • Planning and organising a seminar on adoption to be held in January 2006.
  • Involving actively the new Partners in all the Network activities and working on the incorporation of the remaining new EU Countries.
  • Defining more in details the procedural aspects of the Network terms of reference

Research and Dissemination

  • Family Mediation
    Conducting a survey on family mediation requested by Luxembourg EU Presidency focusing in particular on national and international legislation , available statistical data , practices of services and institutions that provide training in family mediation;
    Presentation of the report at the meeting of the Intergovernmental Group L'Europe de l'Enfance in Luxembourg on 12-13 April 2005.
  • National and International Adoption
    Up-dating and enlarging the report on national and international adoption on the basis of the comparative analysis of the national legislations and a questionnaires on post-adoption services .
  • Child Abuse
    Up-dating the comparative report related on national registration systems for cases of child abuse and elaboration on national legislation and statistical data related to child abuse.

Communication and promotion

  • Producing a CD-Rom containing all researches and related documentation carried out by the Network.
  • Up-dating and enlarging the website of the Network www.childoneurope.org ; increasing and facilitating the contacts among the partners, in particular through an on-line Forum .
  • Participating in conferences and seminars organised at European level by other national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations dealing with childhood related issues.

In 2006 the activities of the ChildONEurope Secretariat have been funded firstly by the Italian Ministry of Social Solidarity (which provided funding for the entire first year of activities in 2003) and secondly through voluntary contributions by the competent Ministries of Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain .

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