What we do

Agenda 2009

Organization and procedures

  • Convening of two Assemblies at the headquarter of the ChildONEurope Secretariat in Florence in June and December 2009 or January 2010
  • Organising a seminar on a subject to be identified to be held December 2009 or January 2010 in Florence
  • Working on the incorporation of Malta, Bulgaria and Romania.


  • National and International Adoption:
    - Finalising a survey on the management of the demand in intercountry adoption
  • Child participation:
    - Finalising a survey on the on the evaluation of child participation


  • National and International Adoption
    - Disseminating the final report on intercountry adoption of the EU Parliament
    - Presenting the Guidelines on post-adoption services to the EU Parliament and in international conferences
  • Child Abuse
    - Disseminating the guidelines on national monitoring and data collection systems on child abuse

Communication and promotion

  • Producing and disseminating an updated CD-Rom containing all researches and related documentation carried out by the Network
  • Producing an updated brochure of the presentation of the Network
  • Up-dating and enlarging the website of the Network www.childoneurope.org
  • Creation of a specific section of the ChildONEurope website dedicated to activities and documentation adopted by L'Europe de l'Enfance
  • Participation in L'Europe de l'Enfance meetings and to Conferences and Seminars organised at European level by other national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations dealing with childhood related issues.
  • Participating in the European Forum on the Rights of the Child meetings



Previous Agendas of Activities: 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004